• “Celebrities can be a difficult lot and often require "special attention". But the fact that success of a Celebrity/Charity Golf Tournament demands attention to clients, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, as well as celebrities, is testament to Russell's ability at organizing the many pieces of a complex event in a creative way.”

    — Lou Waters

    CNN Co-Founder and Anchor for 25 years

  • Talent

Procuring the right talent for an event, be it a corporate cocktail reception to a large multi-act festival, is as much a creative process as it is a business operation. We pride ourselves on our capabilities in providing just the right mix of entertainment that applies to the event. At times, there is a specific request; we can find that talent and determine price and availability, usually within hours. Other cases call for talent suggestions. We have a reputation for choosing the best talent possible and appropriate for the specific event and budget. Our process of buying the talent could easily be called “The Art of the Deal”. We are known for our tough negotiating skills and where and how to reach the best possible deal for our clients.

Our relationships with major agencies, and niche agents alike, stretch back decades in some cases. This history provides us buying power that equals much larger entertainment firms. We’ve booked the biggest names in entertainment to local guitarists. We’ve secured 100s of celebrities over the years to appear and participate in non-profit events without ever compensating a single one. From national comedians to the highest level speakers in the nation, from acts that are currently on the charts to many legends, there is not an area of talent that we haven’t dealt with.

We are known as an “artist’s producer”, meaning we have a reputation within the talent world of providing a smooth production experience for the talent and therefor the client. This reputation can, and does, many times positively affect the price. “Are you producing the show?” is a question we are regularly asked by agents, managers, and talent alike. The philosophy is “If the talent is happy, the client is going to get a great show”. At the same time, we also have a reputation for going over a rider with a fine- toothed comb and deleting any and all unnecessary expenses. The Art of the Deal. We understand what is important and what is not; and this is evident in the level of talent we bring to each and every event we produce. Our talent clients are, more often than not, the meting planning company in charge of the whole project. We leave our egos at the door – our job is to make our client look good and have no doubt they made the right decision.

Talent is the bedrock of our company – Our Talent; and the Talent we are able to bring to the table. It is the common denominator in all the operations of JRJ Productions and the success of each project.